API has been trading in Singapore since 2006. Our strategic plan envisaged the expansion and replication of our successful operations that we had established elsewhere in Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

We are currently one of the leading traders of commodities and boast of worldwide activities supply of metals and minerals, energy products, agricultural products and fashion accessories. Our unique offering of just-in-time availability provides a real advantage over other suppliers. We strive to be a reliable and competitive partner in the markets in which we operate, and we aim to support our customers and suppliers at each stage of their expansion and development.

Our customers around the world are active in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, oil, power generation, steel production and food processing. They rely upon our established global network for the supply of metals and minerals, energy products and agricultural products.

We intend to build upon our position as one of the leading commodity traders and extending product and geographical range by continuing to target new markets. We intend to continue our focus on cost control and operational efficiencies for our clients.